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Damian Razem | Robin
16 May 2021 @ 09:53 pm
Need to contact Damian's player for some reason or another (including HMDs and the like)? Then this post is probably your best bet! Just leave a comment here and she'll get back to you as soon as she can. ♥ (It'd be expedient to leave some sort of form for her to contact you back, though - like email or AIM SN or something.)

Anon commenting is allowed, IP addresses aren't logged, and all comments are screened, so go wild!
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Damian Razem | Robin
16 May 2018 @ 09:36 pm
Name: Damian Bilal Razem
Age: 11
Notable Aliases: Robin; Manteis, Tomorrow's Seer; Hafiz the Preserver
Universe: Batman Beyond (with a side order of The 99)
Parents: Dr. Ramzi Razem and Dana Ibrahim Razem (biologically, Bruce Wayne and Dana Razem)
Favorite Foods: Musakhan, Mango Lassi, chocolate
Catchphrase: "That's so slagged!"

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Damian Razem | Robin
21 July 2015 @ 04:58 pm
This is mainly for my sake, but please feel free to read through it if you ever get confused on Damian's vocabulary. ♥ Like all good dictionaries, it's in alphabetical order. However, it is always incomplete.

Figures he'd pick up a lot of Arabic.Collapse )
Damian Razem | Robin
05 September 2013 @ 11:19 pm
Stolen shamelessly from Gateway. :|b

Age: 12 11
Medical Info: He's a normal, healthy boy who gets plenty of exercise for his age and accordingly looks like it. As for his allergies/food restrictions? Damian is Muslim. Therefore, he cannot have pork or alcohol. In the event someone doesn't respect his religion, he will claim to be allergic to both.
Abilities: Damian has all of these abilities as himself and Robin (his superhero alias), though he doesn't openly acknowledge them in public.
  • Damian's a naturally (and incredibly) skilled fist-fighter. On instinct, he can take people down. He's gotten better at executing a fight, but he's still average; his stamina and instincts are incredible considering his age.
  • Following this line: Damian uses pressure points to take his enemies down. He's decent at throwing punches, but he prefers to silently - and quickly - take mooks out if he can help it.
  • Fluent in English, Arabic, Bengali, and Farsi. He has more than a passing knowledge of Hindi, Urdu, French, and Spanish. In-game, he also has a beginner's grasp of Japanese. (Thank Mikuru and Ryoji, everyone!)
  • A scarily intimate knowledge of all things video game-related; he also knows how to hotwire the Batmobile. (No one wants to know how he knows.)
  • The Robin suit! Like Terry's Batsuit, Robin's suit has its own set of powers.
    • Enhanced strength: it allows Damian to benchpress up to 250 pounds
    • Retractable claws for attacking the enemy
    • Rocket boots that allow flight for a few minutes
    • Cape that turns into a retractable glider
    • Goggles with night vision, heat vision, and infrared vision
    • A cloaking device
    • Batarangs! They're not unlimited, but they can cut through almost anything.
    • Resistant against heat, water, and electricity attacks... but not very efficient against radiation and nuclear power
    • Electromagnetic pads in the soles of boots and gloves to allow Damian to cling to walls
    • Sensitive touch microphone that allows him to eavesdrop upon people
    • Extra protection against projectile-based weapons

Notes for the Psychics: It's easy to figure out Damian's secret identity, but revealing it to the world isn't a good idea. Ask me specifically for squicky stuff like "mindrape," but if you're reading his mind to find out a hummus recipe? Go for it. The important thing, really, is that Damian's brain jumps from Arabic to English to Bengali and back. He doesn't think purely in one coherent language, so it might be hard to get a good read on him.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: If it's for something funny and not very minor (ie, spitting on him)? Go for it! If we're doing something ultra serious like a bodyswap... let's talk it out on a case-by-case basis.
Maim/Murder/Death: Case-by-case basis. I'd rather that he not die, but we can talk about him landing in the infirmary and similar situations.
Kissing/Hugging: Yes to the hugging, no to the kissing unless it's on the cheek/familial affection. Damian's quite tsundere - and unless he really likes the character, he won't allow kisses. Hugs are awkward, but he'll tolerate them for about five seconds before he goes, "... get off."
Cooking: If it's foreign (read: Indian, Mediterranean, or Bangladeshi), he'll know how to cook it---and he'll be pretty good at it too. His favorite dishes are baklava and chocolate chip cookies, but he's dabbled in hummus and fried zucchini too.

tl;dr, somehow Damian developed into a crazy-awesome cook somewhere down the line and I'm not sure how or when it happened.

Threadjacking: Go for it unless it's super-filtered/supposed to be secret between two characters.
Fourthwalling: 4th wall his superhero alias all you want, but telling Damian that he's the son of Batman isn't a good idea. If your character canonically knows DC Comics, then go for it!
Damian Razem | Robin
07 August 2011 @ 12:41 am
=> At first, it's Terry, Bruce, & Ace
=> Max becomes a member of Batfam as Oracle
=> Damian becomes a member of Batfam
=> Dana discovers that Terry's Batman. ANGER ENSUES. TERRY SOMEHOW MANAGES TO KEEP HER HIS GF.
=> Jason Young is miffed at Bruce and threatens to take Damian away
=> Batgirl & Spoiler come about
=> Batgirl & Spoiler join the Batfam
=> Dick Grayson moves back to town with his grandchildren & starts his clinic again; Ash becomes Matt McGinnis's BFF
=> Jason Young comes around, and with his GF, they join the Batfam
=> Max forms the Birds of Prey (maybe???) with Huntress & Batgirl and idek who else

This is subject to change, I'm just trying to hash it out as best as I could. XD
Damian Razem | Robin
04 May 2011 @ 05:20 pm
Since Damian doesn't have a set history that can be explained by canon, I'm going to have to explain everything here in this post. ;; AS ALWAYS, let me know if something seems off or doesn't feel right, and I'll try to explain to the best of my ability!

During Damian's week, everyone will be thrust into Neo-Gotham for an event that hasn't happened for Damian: Him meeting the DCAU version of Crazy Quilt. Since I suspect y'all don't know who he is, Crazy Quilt is a old DC Batman Rogue who's had it out for Dick Grayson; the two duked it out numerous times over the years - mostly in the days of the Silver Age, IIRC? - and yeah... poor Damian, getting Dick's hand-me-down insane villain except not because the DCAU never had him until now. ANYHOW.

Damian's about thirteen when this happens. To put things in perspective:
  • He's met his world's Batgirl, Spoiler, and Huntress II. (witchesreign Damian is already familiar with Oracle/Max and Batman/Terry, but that's it.)
  • He's met his world's Jason Todd (a good guy who basically acts as Damian's mentor and is generally an awesome lawyer!) and his girlfriend Rachel Dawes.
  • The Birds of Prey - consisting of Max, Huntress II, and other superheroines - have been formed. (WR Damian only has Batman & the Justice League--and the JL hasn't exactly been top-notch lately.) Don't worry about this one much; it's just a point of reference and probably only comes up in passing.
  • Damian personally knows Dick Grayson - who, by this time, is a doctor and entrusts Damian with "protecting" Dick's klutz of a grandson Ash Grayson. (WR Damian met Dick once, and that was to beat him up for the rights to the Robin title.)
  • Damian STILL hasn't confessed to knowing the Muslim superhero group the 99. This will bite him in the neck tonight, considering his older brother has LIGHT-BASED superpowers... and CQ's fighting style depends completely on light.
  • Damian's thirteen now! It just means he's taller (about 5 inches taller, actually) and has more experience with fighting/weapons.

SO OUR POOR DAMIAN WON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, in a nutshell; he only knows maybe bits and pieces that he (along with Aang, Egypt, and Greece) will have to put together over the course of the night.

How did things happen originally in Damian's homeworld?
  • Downtown Neo-Gotham's holding a fancy party to celebrate another successful year for Gotham surgeons. Damian (and his family) attend because they're socialites and Important People; it's what they do... that, and Damian's uncle's one of those doctors. Damian's older and younger sister request to stay home - they get bored at these parties - so it's just Damian, his older brother Sharif, and Dr. and Mrs. Razem attending the party tonight.
  • Dr. Richard Grayson (aka Dick/Robin I/Nightwing) is among the honored, so of course there'll be exposition on him, who he is, etc. Ash Grayson's also there, but... being the klutz he is, he'll inevitably break something.
  • In general, it's a fancy schmancy party with Boss and the old Man (AKA Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne) - and it seems normal... until all the lights go off.
  • Crazy Quilt's TICKED because the "eye surgeon" messed up his vision so that he could only see in pounding, bold color--and so he wants revenge and the award because it doesn't rightfully belong to the doctor. So he and his army (funded by god-knows-who) break through the glass and attempt to kidnap everyone in the room so that they can extract their revenge on said eye doctor!
  • So of course Batman and Robin retaliate and take care of Crazy Light and the multicolor army. Robin and Batman split to fight them: thanks to bad timing, Batman has crowd control and the multicolor army; Robin has Crazy Quilt.
  • Both Batman and Robin have back-up: Jason helps Batman with the army; Oracle on their earbuds; and Sharif helps Robin with Crazy Quilt.
  • Sharif (AKA Noor the Light, the leader of the 99) has light-based superpowers that enable him to bypass CQ's vision entirely. With Noor the Light's help, Robin takes down CQ and is about to turn him into Jason... but then CQ suddenly blinds the banquet center (with his superpowers) and manages to make an escape.
  • Batman is understandably unhappy with the situation, despite the Neo-Gotham GPD arresting the rest of the multicolor army, and demands an explanation of the 99 from Noor the Light. Sharif essentially tells Batman to Google them before leaving. (Oracle eventually gives Batman the information--but after asking Batman to Google them later.)
  • SO OF COURSE, Crazy Quilt wants to extract revenge on the Boy Wonder. (Since CQ's vision is weird, he could not see Noor the Light; thus, he believes Robin fought CQ on his own.) The next night, CQ creates a death trap deliberately for Robin.
  • Damian somehow manages to fall into the death trap since Batman and the other Batfamily members are preoccupied; it seems like all hope's lost since the signal can't be sent out in time.
  • ...But this is Damian we're talking about; he manages to deflect the light and escape the sun-lamp death trap. By escaping the trap and remembering last night's battle, Damian figures out Crazy Quilt's game.
  • Cue the Boss Battle: Damian defeats CQ at his own game by drawing CQ into a funhouse and deflecting (and reflecting!) rays of light until they hit CQ's eyes. This act permanently blinds CQ, and he vows to take his revenge on Robin... after he escapes from jail.
  • As a side note, CQ's revenge never goes far. When CQ comes back for his revenge, Damian's 22 and simply drugs CQ on the power of Rae/happy pills... Neo-Gotham should've seriously invested in those years ago.)

Now, I have absolutely no idea how it'll change when everyone visits for Damian's week, but it's basically rooftop shenanigans and trying to pin down a guy that's clearly insane--and eventually has his heart hellbent on gunning Damian down. (Of course, he also has his heart hellbent on gunning Damian down. Is he stupid? Obviously.)

I feel like I'm rambling at this point, so guys. XD Just let me know what's up and I'll try to answer your questions/comments/whatever. idek when Damian's going, but I figured it'd be nice to have a post up in advance.
Damian Razem | Robin
05 January 2011 @ 11:29 am
Last Updated: July 31st, 2011

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Damian Razem | Robin
09 October 2010 @ 12:37 pm
Sponsor: Lapis Lazuli
Student ID: #12635
Specialization: Cadet #12635 Covert Operative, Level 1
Major: (COV-OP) Covert Operations
Dorm: Room A115 with Hope Estheim (noras_boy )
# formerly with Minato Arisato ([info]zeroth_card)

Fourth Quarter

  mon/wed/fri tue/thur sat/sun
0800 MOV 101
Military Movement (Applied Gymnastics)
HIS 101
World History
0930 LBT 101
Limit Break Theory
IWB 101
Intro to World Bestiary
SUV 101
Survival Skills




1400 CUL 101
Cultural Studies
1500 CS 102
Advanced Programming
PSY 101
1600 ART 102
Studio Art
BOX 101

  free time